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The First OnlineProfessional Training Conference on

Abuse andDisabilities Across the Lifespan

Topics: Interviewing, Investigation, Prosecution, Intervention, Treatment, Risk-Reduction, Research and Policy.

Scope: All disabilities -- All types of abuse



IN REAL TIME ONLINE, September 9-30, 2004. Twenty-two workshops that will be recorded and available online for those who cannot attend the live sessions. Access to all course content through August 2005. Online faculty involvement through Workshops, Forums, E-lists, and Scheduled Chats provide participants with up to 200 hours of interaction with faculty. Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (ASK) are reinforced & supported as participants take their training to the field.



9/9       Nora J. Baladerian -- What Attitudes, Skills And Knowledge Are The Keys To Making A Difference?

One of the nation's top experts in issues of abuse & disability, a licensed Psychologist in California, Director of the Disability, Abuse & Personal Rights Project, Author of several Guidebooks and hundreds of articles on Abuse & Disability.


9/10     DJ Stemmler -- Assistive Technology & Victims With Disabilities: What You Need To Know!

A nationally recognized expert in issues of communication as these effect individuals with disabilities. Clinical Coordinator Center for Assistive Technology, DJ’s daily hands-on work at the clinic informs her expertise.


9/13    Patricia Sullivan -- Research Update On Children WithDisabilities

A nationally and internationally recognized psychologist, Dr. Sullivan has authored several research projects on the incidence, prevalence & effect of abuse upon children and adults with disabilities.


9/13     Jamie Rosenfeld Hoffman -- A Physician's Perspective: Responding To Abuse Of Children With Disabilities A physician at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, she has developed specialized services to the child abuse victims with disabilities who come for child abuse related services. She has developed a model program as well as instruction module for forensic team members.


9/14     Howard Davidson -- National Policy Update; Children With Disabilities As an attorney at the American Bar Association and Director of the Children's Law Division, he will provide an update as regards child abuse and children with disabilities from the national perspective.


9/15     Ollie Cantos -- Basics On Abuse & Disability: The Law, Victim's Rights & Service Delivery

Cantos is the General Counsel for the American Association for People with Disabilities, with a special interest in responding to abuse of individuals with disabilities. This provides a legal framework for response to these cases.


9/15     Tom Hanna --Communication Strategies For Community-Based Risk Reduction

TomHanna, a pioneer in the application of Internet technology for networking,resource development and practical real time support, trains on how to worktogether to reduce the incidence of abuse against people with disabilities.


9/16     DickSobsey -- Multifactorial Model Of Violence Against People With Disabilities

A nationally and internationally recognized expert in issues of abuse & disability, this presentation will address why abuse among individuals with disabilities is such an epidemic, with recommendations for global and community action.


9/16     PaulFeuerstein -- Developing Accessible DV Shelters For Abuse Survivors WithDisabilities

BarrierFree-Living established domestic violence shelters and programs for DV victimswith disabilities long before it was popular or even on the radar screen. Feuerstein will talk about how his program works and how the model can bereplicated.


9/17     CandaceHeisler -- Domestic Violence in Later Life

A nationally renowned expert on this topic, Ms. Heisler will present information on facilitating law enforcement and protective service response that makes a difference both for the individual case as well as general field application.


9/20     Nancy O'Malley --Prosecuting Crimes Against People With Disabilities

A prosecutor in Alameda County, Ms. O'Malley's special expertise prosecuting these cases is nationally recognized. She will share her specialized knowledge that has application from the first response through investigation and adjudication.


9/20     Elizabeth Scheibel -- How to increase Prosecutions through Community Collaboration District Attorney Scheibel will describe the incidence of abuse in Massachusetts, and the state’s model program that has resulted in skyrocketing successful prosecution of these crimes against dependent adults in their state.


9/22     BillBenson -- National Policy Update; Seniors & Adults With Disabilities

Anationally renowned expert on legislation related to child abuse, elder abuseand dependent adult abuse, he will focus his presentation on issues related toelder and dependent adult abuse, providing a comprehensive update on trends andnew laws.


9/23     BennettBlum -- Undue Influence And The Exploitation Of People With Disabilities

A nationally and internationally renowned forensic psychiatrist, and innovator of issues relating to Undue Influence, he will provide information critical to case building for cases involving elders and dependent adult abuse victims.


9/23     MelissaFarley -- Traumatic Brain Injury, Prostitution, And Sexual Abuse

The bridging of fields is a "must" in abuse & disability. This presentation bridges child sexual assault, traumatic brain injury, and real life effects as the "dirty little secret" in the lives of many individuals with developmental and other disabilities.


9/24     JerryVillanueva -- Interviewing Skills To Use With Elders And Adults WithDisabilities

Anexpert in the investigation of elder abuse, Villanueva will focus on theforensic interview, providing special information needed for conducting thisinterview with individuals with cognitive and communications impairments.


9/24     NoraJ. Baladerian -- Strategies For Effective Interaction & Interviewing –Children

An expert in forensic interviewing, this presenter will describe special techniques to use with children with cognitive and communication disabilities including developmental & other disabilities.


9/27     ShielaMansell -- Treatment Strategies For Abuse Victims With Disabilities

Mansell has earned national recognition as a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of sexual assault victims with developmental disabilities. She will share specialized strategies that she has developed for effective treatment outcomes.


9/28     FranOdette -- Preventing Violence Against Women With Disabilities & DeafWomen

Workingwith women with disabilities including Deaf women, responding to their needs assurvivors of assault requires specialized training and strategies. These willbe discussed to assure the best outcome for survivors with disabilities.


9/28     MaryWambach -- Deaf Women As Abuse Victims

Mary has specialized her professional work in the area of assault of Deaf children and adults. She will provide information that can benefit those who respond to abuse victims in all areas of service.


9/29     DianeFaugno -- Medical Forensic Examination Of Abuse Victims With Disabilities

As a SANE Nurse serving adult victims of abuse, Diane will present critical information on how to effectively and sensitively conduct the medical forensic interview, providing specific techniques and strategies.


9/29     Nora Baladerian, Tom Hanna, andJim Stream -- Where Do We Go From Here? ASK How To Make This Conference Workfor You

OurArc Riverside CAN Do Project Team will provide an opportunity to ask questionsat the end of the Conference. They will also share resources and technicalassistance. We also will provide information on how to create networkingsolutions for ongoing consultation and support.


A program of Arc Riverside, California.Co-sponsored by the Disabilities and Personal Rights Project, the CAN Do!Project, LifeNET, Inc., and Prevent Child Abuse New York

Supported in part by agrant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime.


Tuition: $150 (one price covers all 20 Workshops and 200 total hours of facultycontact, plus online access to all course materials for one year.) Groupdiscounts and hardship scholarships as available.

ContinuingEducation: Provided through Alliant University, San Diego.


Key Conference Facilitators:

Nora Baladerian, Ph.D.,Conference Director (

Tom Hanna, LifeNETeLearning Center (

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