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Professional Online Training on Abuse and Disabilities!

Office of Victims of CrimeFunded in part by a Grant from the United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime (Office of Justice Programs)

Our Online Conference encourages group participation, and in-depth community training. While our Individual Registration fee is very modest ($150 for 22 sessions) we also provide a Group Rate available to agencies and those who want to be an Approved Sponsor site.

The GROUP RATE of $100 per registrant applies to any group of 10+ individuals enrolling for training under the auspice of an agency. Any agency wishing to serve as a group aggregator can acquire a Group Code that their registrants will need to register. If you have a group, call 1-888-818-6298 and ask Del Cooper for a group code and arrange for payments .

If your agency is paying for the entire group, once you have your Group Code, go to the GROUPS secure registration site and fill out a form for each member of your group.
If each individual is paying each of them should REGISTER (with the Group Code)

The GROUP RATE of $100 also applies to APPROVED SPONSOR SITES who make room for 10+ registrants so that a richer community training experience transpires.

If you wish to become an approved sponsor site, contact Tom Hanna at 607-275-9360, or fill out the FEEDBACK form (it will open in a new window.)
Sponsor Site responsibilities:

1. Provide a conference room with hi-speed Internet connection, and capacity for projection of Internet content
2. Make the room available for all the timeslots of the Online Conference (schedule attached)
3. Provide a Host Moderator to serve as facilitator for the attendees, for Q&A, Polls, and Evaluation Forms. Facilitate post-event discussions.
4. Keep an attendance sheet for each session

Conference Support for Approved Sponsor Sites:

1. Provide materials to support the Sponsor Site
2. Provide web-based tools to assist the facilitator, and the attendees.
3. Provide Group Code for the Sponsor Site's group (Every attendee must register individually for the entire conference. If they are part of a GROUP or a SPONSOR SITE, they will need a Group Code to register at the discount rate of $100.)
Sponsor Site attendees:
1. Must register using their Sponsor Site or Group group code, and indicate their CEU choice. IF signing up for CEU then they:
2. Are responsible for completing evaluation forms
3. Are responsible for signing in on the Attendance Sheet for each session.


Exclusive information for you, available only through a private account. We encourage your colleagues to sign up for their own account! Extraordinary interactive learning opportunities!

  • check this out!Group rates multiply any community's power to protect victims with disabilities
  • Access 22 one-hour workshops online, with world-class faculty
  • Extensive online resources are provided for each workshop
  • All workshops are archived for later viewing by registrants.
  • All registrants have access to all materials.
  • Membership in private listservs and forums included!
  • Link up with an international network of professionals dedicated to protecting children and adults with disabilities who have been victims of crime



Join our mailing list of people dedicated to the protection of children and adults with disabilities who have been victims of abuse.

See a basic reading list on child abuse and disabilities

Dedicated to the personal rights of children and adults with disabilities, with a mission to prevent abuse of people with disabilities and protect others from abuses that lead to disability.

Link to our special project on Child Abuse and Disabilities