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Online Training Conference on Abuse and Disabilities!

Office of Victims of CrimeFunded in part by a Grant from the United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime (Office of Justice Programs)


$150 tuition covers 22 learning modules from the leaders in the field PLUS extensive follow-up support PLUS access to all online materials for one yearfrom your date of registration.

To accomplish our training theme of  Mastering the Basics: In Depth and Over Time we have secured an array of expert faculty who represent child abuse, dependent adult and elder abuse.  Our subject matter covers the following range of issues:  Prevention, Identification & Reporting, Investigation, Interviewing, Prosecution, Victims Services and Treatment.  We are also featuring three overarching issues:  Legislation Update, Policy, and Communication. 

This conference has these unique features:

  1. A total of 22 seminars you can study at your own pace on your computer
  2. All registrants can attend ALL sessions
  3. For post-session contact with faculty, each of our 20 faculty are available through live Chats, Internet E-Lists, and direct email. Contact them for practical application of their material.
  4. The faculty is composed of national and international experts in their specialty area.

Additional special features and benefits of our on-line conference:

  1. The presentations will remain available on-line until for an entire year.
  2. You can view the presentations with other registered students and later engage in group discussions.
  3. You can earn CEUs for your professional needs, at an extra fee.
  4. You can review any course content during your workday, or after hours, since all content is available online.
  5. You only need to travel as far as your desk at home or at work. 
  6. Cost-effective:  You will receive 22 one-hour seminars for only $150.  If you do not participate in any of the follow-up opportunities with faculty, this comes to less than $7.00 per learning seminar with leading national experts in the field! 
  7. Personal benefits:  No time off of work!  No driving!  No parking! No child-care or elder-care arrangements!  No personal care attendant or interpreters needed!  No meal arrangements!  No rubber chicken meals!
  8. You can set your own schedule for participation! 


Share this information with your colleagues! Extraordinary interactive learning opportunities!

  • check this out!Group rates multiply any community's power to protect victims with disabilities
  • Access 22 one-hour workshops online, with world-class faculty
  • Extensive online resources are provided for each workshop
  • All workshops are archived for later viewing by registrants.
  • All registrants have access to all materials.
  • Membership in private listservs and forums included!
  • Link up with an international network of professionals dedicated to protecting children and adults with disabilities who have been victims of crime



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