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Office for Victims of Crime
Canadian National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (NCFV)
National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect
National Center on Elder Abuse
Disability, Abuse & Personal Rights Project (That's us!)
Child Abuse & Neglect Disability Outreach - CAN Do! (Us too!)
Child Abuse Prevention Network
References on Child Abuse and Disabilities
Abuse and Women with Disabilities
Abuse and Neglect of Adults with Disabilities
About the Crimes Against Children Research Center

Some Google Searches

Google Search: "chronic pain" + "elder abuse"
Google Search: "child abuse" + "developmental disabilities"


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See a basic reading list on child abuse and disabilities

Dedicated to the personal rights of children and adults with disabilities, with a mission to prevent abuse of people with disabilities and protect others from abuses that lead to disability.

Link to our special project on Child Abuse and Disabilities